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Foxy Technologies is a fast-growing mobile app development firm lead by a capable technical staff that is at the forefront of recent technological developments. We didn't become a premier blockchain app development business, IoT solutions provider, or Artificial Intelligence service provider overnight.

It's the result of years of hard work to stay ahead of the technological trend and adapt to changing app development tactics and offerings. We are a full-service provider with a variety of engagement options to fit any business requirement or budget. We offer excellent services in consultation, design, production, installation, assistance, and branding to meet your business goals.


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About working here


We'd say we have a huge heart rather than a big workplace, which makes functioning in Foxy all the more fantastic!

Great Co-Workers

The organizational climate at Foxy is such that employees actually enjoy interacting with their coworkers.

Learning Opportunities

For team members who wish to learn more and improve their talents, Foxy provides a variety of programmes.


At Foxy, you'll be wearing a lot of caps at once. As a result, new approaches to obtain fulfilment and contentment can be found here.

Life at Foxy

Folks in Foxy are always stretching themselves to beat expectations and straining themselves on a regular basis in the strive for excellence.

Work & relax

We are ardent believers in achieving the ideal balance between work and personal. With this in view, we designed Foxy to work five days a week, encouraging you to strive throughout the week and rest on vacations.

Leadership Team

Meet the people who bring your vision to reality.

Chandan Sharma


Priyanka Sharma

Co-Founder / Director

Jinal Dhaduk

Web Designer

Hemlata Sharma

Web Developer

Shivprakash Rajput

Web Developer

Manish Ahuja

Business Development

Yathartha Chaudhary

UI/UX Designer

when life provides us with oppurtunities, we grab them.

Working with Foxy Technologies is a fascinating experience that will enrich your life far beyond your professional career. All Foxy-ians are free to live, breathe, invent, and occasionally fantasize about magicians.

At Foxy, we assist those who dare to challenge the existing quo and work as a change agent to help us improve our leading position. Foxy is a safe haven for individuals who take risks.

Proficiency is more than a desirable ability at Foxy; it's a lifestyle. Everyone, from the CEO to the clerical staff, maintains high standards in all of their jobs, even if it's just having a good time and applauding the team's accomplishment.

Flexibility is a crucial component of our workplace culture at Foxy Technologies. As core of our growth and teaching, we practise flexible and welcoming our personnel to take in-demand courses. We empower you to create your own ambitions and discuss them with your supervisors, who are always around to assist you in achieving them.

Its people are Foxy Technologies. And the employees are genuinely enthusiastic about the firm, the company, and their employment. Our personnel are most motivated by the company's constant pursuit of excellence, inventiveness, and longevity, with an emphasis on testing the limits.

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Chandan Sharma,
CEO Foxy Technologies

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