Strategy Planning

Our Strategy Planning develops actionable mobile
strategy plans that maximise return on investment
from the start.

We can all agree that mobile phones have changed the game, but have you devised an efficient mobile marketing strategy for your company? Or are you having trouble striking a balance between your budget, resources, and goals? Or, even worse, are you planning to use a trial-and-error strategy to see what works? Strategy planning is a fine art that needs thorough study, goal definition, and perfect execution. Only then can your mobile strategy take shape as planned and prove to be successful in the long run. In the field of strategy, Foxy Technologies is a leader.

How does strategy planning assist you?

It is a disaster to proceed without a plan. We've prepared a few important figures to pinpoint the measurable benefits of strategy planning for your organisation for those of you who are debating whether or not to invest in it.

How do we plan our strategies?

Planning your mobile strategy entails considering how to integrate mobile into your complete business ecosystem. It's not product strategy or internet planning. It's a completely different ballgame... and we've gotten really good at it over the ages!

Determine the overall business strategy
of the company.

What is your mission/vision statement?

Make user personas.

What is your mission/vision statement?

Sort them according to their demographics.

SWOT Analysis





Analysis of Competitors

What are your rivals doing well?

What are their shortfalls?

Determine your product strategy.

Methodology for development

Timelines and specifications

Assignment of roles

Is it better to have an in-house or an outsourced development team?

Protocols for collaboration and reporting

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