Acquisition Engagement Strategy

Unrivaled strategy for mobile app acquisition and engagement Take notes from your customers. Good Decisions are Driven by Accurate Data Simplified number crunching

The importance of app analytics and performance attribution cannot be overstated. Wouldn't you be surprised if you spent money and time developing a mobile app? You want a quick return on your investment, don't you? Don't you want to know the answers to questions like... Where do the majority of your app's users come from? What's up, Mo? encourages them to stay longer? Where are they bouncing off, and why are they bouncing off? What if you could get hard numbers to such important questions at every app development? stage of development? Using app marketing analytics and developing a solid acquisition engagement strategy can assist in determining what works in terms of retention. and what is working in terms of converting users and what isn't. This is a key factor that distinguishes successful apps from the rest.

Foxy Technologies is a pioneer in acquisition engagement strategy. We assist you in making better business decisions by providing accurate analytics reports. Marketing budgets must be justified in order to make purchasing decisions. We use scientific tools and methods to identify effective acquisition sources. flaws in the app's marketing or retention strategy

Why Use an Acquisition Engagement Strategy?

The right app analytics can give you insight about multiple aspects:

Understand user behaviour and psychology precisely.

Optimize testing methods

Analyze the user acquisition performance of various marketing platforms.

Determine the best times for user acquisition, engagement, and retention.

Determine the ROI of various marketing platforms

Direct customer messaging is encouraged.

Acquisition Engagement Strategy - Services

App Analytics

Mobile attribution

Deep linking

Data Integration

Marketing analytics

Mobile ecosystem integration

User Engagement

User Analytics

Mobile attribution

Deep linking

Data Integration

Marketing analytics

Mobile ecosystem integration

App Analytics Service

All successful apps are built around users’ needs and habits. We use analytics tools to:

Locate the best market opportunity for your app.

Iterate at each stage to put new features to the test.

Track our efforts

Seek feedback from actual users on their user experience.

To aid decision making, present hard numbers in readable reports.

Mobile attribution

We examine mobile traffic to your app and attribute it to the appropriate source. platform and campaign, evaluate platforms based on ROI, and Identify areas where effort can be reduced.

Mobile Analytics

We have strategic alliances with every major player in the industry. space for mobile marketing Attribution for uninstalls and ad revenue Our system tracks attribution and in-app interactions. powerful analytics tools and flawless reporting by our dashboards.

Deep Linking

Our programmers create deep links that direct every user to the page they are looking for with as few clicks as possible From a fresh perspective We provide frictionless user engagement and re-engagement of old users. interaction with your application

Mobile ecosystem integration:

We seamlessly integrate your app into the diverse mobile ecosystem. We monitor the performance of your app across all channels. Auxiliary services include retargeting and marketing automation. We also provide this service.

Data integration

For us, data security is of the utmost importance. Transparency is essential. the backbone of our company We offer you independent, unbiased reports on our procedures We do not patronise anyone. any advertising agency or affiliate programme Our findings are verifiable. and devoid of all subjectivity. interaction with your application

User Engagement Service

It is our responsibility to attract visitors to your app, keep them there, and deter them from leaving. light them up along the way, and turn them into customers Our The job does not end there. We re-engage lost users and keep re-engaging them. keeping visitors informed of the value of your app We choose the best option. platforms of each and every user, and gently guide them there reroute them to your app We also write captivating descriptions. for your app's app store listing, emphasising its best-selling features features and an unrivalled experience This results in a consistent a constant flow of visitors to your app, and limitless possibilities for conversion.

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