Why AWS for mobile app development?

Moving your business to the cloud is no longer an option but the need of the hour. The sudden outbreak of the coronavirus created unrest across the world. From big fat organizations to small scale retailers, everyone had to shift their workspace and adopt the work from home culture. 

The only way businesses could operate from home and ensure continuity was by moving their entire infrastructure to the cloud. This is where the importance of cloud solutions rose to a peak and with it surged the popularity of cloud solution providers. 

From Microsoft’s Azure to Google Cloud, Alibaba and IBM, cloud solutions were in demand.  Though each of these offers tremendous benefits, one that stands apart is AWS. 

One of the best cloud solutions, AWS has a lot to offer. Besides enabling you to host data and business applications, AWS plays a crucial role in mobile app development.                            Not sure how? Don’t worry, you are in the right place. This article will provide insights on AWS, highlighting the top advantages of using it in the app development process. Without further ado, let’s get started. 

What is AWS?

A subsidiary of Amazon INC offering on-demand cloud solutions to organizations and enterprises across the globe, AWS is all you need to digitize your business operations without any hassle. The fact that it offers scalable, reliable, and cost-effective cloud computing solutions, it is considered to be one of the leading cloud computing solution providers. 

How AWS Helps in Mobile App Development?

The next question that arises here is why AWS for mobile app development. Or to put it this way, how does AWS help in the development of mobile apps. 

The first and the most important reason for using AWS for mobile app development is the feature of multiple platform development. Given the above, developers have the ease to design and build a single application that can run on all platforms irrespective of the type. Meaning that no matter whether you want to build an app for the iOS platform, the Android, or the web, AWS consolidates all in a single application. 
Optimized Efforts

Developers spend a considerable amount of time working on the backend servers when building an app. This consumes a significant amount of time, delaying the overall duration. Leveraging Amazon Web Services, developers need not worry about the server. Instead, they can focus more on the development space, thereby reducing the time and the efforts spent on building the app. 

Scalable Solutions

An exciting thing about using AWS for mobile app development is that it offers end-to-end scalability. AWS is known for its auto-scaling features where the usability is automatically upgraded depending upon the need and the requirement. Imagine building an app with limited downloads. If the usage increases beyond the limitation, it stops functioning, or the effectiveness drops. On the other hand, AWS for mobile app development has auto-scaling features that expand the limitations, ensuring uninterrupted performance. 

Cost-effective Solutions 

Offering the pay as you go model, AWS mobile app development allows you to pay only for features that are used. To be precise, the AWS cloud computing platform has dozens of tools and libraries that simplify the process of app development. Developers have the ease to select the CPU, memory, storage, operating system, security, networking capacity, and access controls required to run an app in their environment. Doing the same, they are charged only on the number of resources used thereby cutting the cost of operation.
Tools and services for app development

AWS renders an entire suite of tools and services facilitating the development of app development. From access to the database to the computing power, SDK for mobile apps, and storage space, AWS encompasses all. In addition to the above, it also has development tools, testing environment, mobile services, API gateways, marketplace, and application management tools to streamline the process of app development. Combining all of these, developers can easily build exciting enterprise applications on the go. 

Having said the above, you might wonder why AWS over other cloud solutions. 

To help you with that, we have highlighted the top three reasons that account for the widespread popularity and adoption of AWS for mobile app development.
Pioneer in the industry

AWS was launched back in 2006. What we mean to implicate is the fact that Amazon was the first to launch a cloud computing platform. Its competitors Google’s Cloud, Microsoft Azure, all came in later years. In other words, AWS has had an upper hand in understanding the market and attuning its offerings as per the industry. 
Greater computing capacity

  • A recent report by Gartner reveals that AWS has a computing capacity 10 times more than the largest vendors combined. 12 cloud regions and 33 availability zones, the capacity and capability of the platform stand undeterred.

Extensive suite of development tools

In addition to all of the above, Amazon Web Services offer management tools, development tools, mobile services, etc for hassle-free enterprise app development. Besides, developers have the ease to gain access to the storage and the computing resources adding more power to the developed application.


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