Digital transformation: What to expect in 2021?

The deadly coronavirus shattered the business economy. Mass closure of schools, offices, and institutions forced people to stay locked behind their doors avoiding any kind of physical interaction and/or social gathering. While the world was struggling to spend time locked in their homes, professionals were looking for ways to ensure business continuity. This is where the need for digital transformation arose to the peak. 

Even though the idea has been the topic of the business world for a long, there existed a huge gap between conversation and implementation. For the good, the pandemic bridged the difference, making digitization the new normal. 

Digital transformation: What to expect in 2021?

From the top tier organizations to the small-sized retail stores, everyone was now on the path of digital transformation. We too at Foxy Technologies prioritized digitization adapting to the change. We believe that the face of business would be a lot different in 2021 than it ever was. Keeping this as the core, we now outline the top trends that are to dominate the business world in the coming times. 

Without further ado, let’s get started! 

Top Technology Transformation Trends to Lookout for in 2021

1- Artificial Intelligence as a Service

Artificial intelligence has been the technology of the decade. Computerized systems designed to emulate human behavior, analyze and assess situations to make fact-based decisions, AI isn’t anything new. What the year now unveils is leveraging Artificial intelligence as a service. 

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Similar to the idea of using the software as a service or platform as a service, artificial intelligence as a service aims at enabling business organizations to leverage existing AI solutions within their line of business operations. Meaning that instead of building a whole new solution, organizations will now have the ease to extend an existing one and leverage it to improve their day to day activities. This eliminates the need to invest in AI design and development, simplifying the adoption process. 

2- Cloud Adoption 

One trend that has become a necessity and a must for business survival is cloud adoption, integration, and/or migration. Even though the on-premise architecture seems relevant, yet it has limitations. For one, it isn’t 24/7 accessible, and to add, the traditional architecture lacks flexibility. 

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Irrespective of whether it is data or an application, moving them to the cloud ensures that you can access them as and when required. Besides, it reduces the storage space required as all of them could be shifted to the cloud infrastructure. Not to forget the reduction in operational cost that comes along with cloud migration. 

3- Internet of Things 

IoT or to be specific, the Internet of Things is the technology that talks about interconnectedness. From the watch you wear to the mobile phone you use, the electric switches, and the television, everything can now be connected, automating all. While the technology has been in trend for a long, it was limited to home appliances, cars, etc. 

Internet of things

With technological advancements into play, the technology is now finding it’s way to digital chips and other devices. This ensures better security with improved performance.  It is expected that the technology will further grow in 2021, unleashing a whole new era of connectivity. 

4- Augmented Reality

Augmenting digital elements into real life, AR is the technology that brings artificial elements to life. According to a survey, the global market of augmented reality would reach $50 billion by 2021. Experts consider it to be one of the most fascinating technologies and hence, the growth.

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From retail to healthcare, manufacturing, and education, Augmented Reality is now everywhere. The work from home concept forced people to look for alternatives. That is to say, the year 2020 has been eventful, witnessing the growth of AR tools and applications. And this will only increase in the coming years. 

5-Predictive Monitoring

Another trend that is sure to captivate the eyes of business leaders is predictive monitoring. And the increase in the amount of data produced vouches for it. There are tons of tools that help gather and mine the data. This helps analyze and assess them to make data-based decisions. 


Predictive monitoring, in an ideal sense, is to use data to predict future possibilities. This helps business enterprises to act beforehand, preparing themselves for the future.


Technology is one thing that keeps growing each day. And with this, the competition also grows. For organizations to not just survive but win the battle, is to adopt and adapt digital transformation. In case you are planning to jump to the bandwagon and adopt modern-day solutions for your business, now is the time. Get in touch with us at Foxy Technologies to know more about digital transformation.